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Jan Madison

Phone 360-633-7662
Bremerton Class Location:
4131 Pine Road, Bremerton, WA


Jan is a certified ballroom dance instructor who has been teaching all the popular ballroom dances since 1992. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, she recently relocated to Washington.
Jan is experienced with instructing the Arthur Murray as well as the Fred Astaire syllabus in studio environments. She has served as dance host at various retirement home facilities benefiting the more mature adults with light exercise, increased concentration, and social fun. Jan is friendly and personable with special patience for beginning students. Her philosophy is to HAVE FUN with dance.
Presently, Jan teaches group and private lessons in the Bremerton, WA area located at the Elk Lodge, 4131 Pine Road, NE. She is assisted by her husband, Ralph.


GROUP CLASSES are taught on an hourly basis and are effective for learning the basics of ballroom dancing. They have an advantage in that each student has the opportunity to dance with different partners which allows them to improve their leading and following skills. Group classes are inherently less expensive than private lessons. Partners are not required.
PRIVATE LESSONS are taught one-on-one on an hourly basis and are considered as 1 to 2 people. They allow the student to 1) focus on shaping, styling, posture, and technique; 2) allow the student to learn one-on-one; and 3) learn the dance at one's own pace. Private lessons give you the confidence to dance a particular type dance or routine more quickly and effectively while good floor-craft is introduced. Students may take private lessons with or without a partner.

Reasonable rates are offered for monthly group classes and payable the first Thursday of each month. Group rates are with a 20 per cent discount after 6 consecutive months' participation. Private lesson hourly rates are also reasonable with the option of two people for the price of one. Call for specific details. No contracts.

Group classes are offered EACH THURSDAY MORNING AT 11:30 am in Bremerton. Type of dance instruction changes each month. Call for info: 360-633-7662 or email A three-hour dance with live music follows these Thursday classes from 12:30-3:30 pm. Cover charge applies for the afternoon dance.

Weekly Thursday afternoon dances with live music as well as monthly dinner dances are coordinated so that students have the opportunity to practice the steps they have learned, and so that they can become better acquainted with one another in a safe and delightful atmosphere.