USA Dance (Kitsap Peninsula) Chapter #1025

Welcome to our chapter! USA Dance is dedicated to helping build ballroom dancing opportunities in every community nationwide!

We are a non-profit organization which holds dances on a regular basis. Our dances include a dance lesson at no additional cost prior to the dance. We also sponsor lessons on Monday evenings from 6:30 to 7:30 PM; either 4 or 8 lessons in each series. All of our lessons are taught by local teachers in our area.

We often use the dance floor at the Masonic Lodge located at 878 5th Street in Bremerton, but we are not associated with the Masons. The Lodge has been kind enough to provide us with a good dance floor at a reasonable cost that is consistently available.

USA Dance has a national magazine which we enourage you to check out at the right. This magazine along with discounts to all of our local and other chapter events nationwide is available with your $35 membership. We encourage you to get dancing and join USA Dance!

September Social Dance


USA Dance National is inviting Chapters to participate in a FlashMob Challenge & Competition during National Ballroom Dance Week, which is September 21st thru 30th. They have choreographed a Foxtrot / Swing routine for chapters to practice & perform. Last year our chapter participated in the FlashMob, and our group had a great time practicing together & performing, and we'd like to add even more to our group this year!
We'd like to start practicing soon, to give us more time to get the routine down and be ready to perform it in September. All USA Dance members should have received an e-mail from National with the information, and I've included the links below...this year they also provided a step-by-step, count-by-count paper copy with photos, so everyone in the group can practice at home if they can't make it to group practices. If you're interested in participating, please let me know!!

The FlashMob YouTube video link:

The new Teaching Guide, along with the Competition Rules is available on the National website. Click here to download or use the link below:
Hope to see you on the dance floor!!

Any questions, please call us at 360-307-7198. If you're interested in signing up, we'd appreciate an e-mail, so we can get your name on the roster.