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Welcome to our chapter! USA Dance is dedicated to helping build ballroom dancing opportunities in every community nationwide!

We are a non-profit organization which holds dances on a regular basis. Our dances include a dance lesson at no additional cost prior to the dance. We also sponsor lessons on Monday evenings; either 4 or 8 lessons in each series. All of our lessons are taught by local teachers in our area.

We often use the dance floor at the Masonic Lodge located at 878 5th Street in Bremerton, but we are not associated with the Masons. The choice as to where our dances are held depend upon cost, availability and the quality of the dance floor.

USA Dance has a national magazine which we enourage you to check out at the right. This magazine along with discounts to all of our local and other chapter events nationwide is available with your $35 membership. We encourage you to get dancing and join USA Dance!

Membership Challenge

From August 1 to September 22, 2017

If you become a member of USA Dance Kitsap, Chapter#1025, our club will give you 5 free raffle tickets at the next dance you attend, AND $10 off the next set of lessons you attend with our club.

What a deal!

You can join up here:

or talk to us and we can help you join!